Chat hot direct Medical Minute PostMenopausal Belly FatThursday October 1 2015Yesterday rumors spread like wildfire on social media that RBSoul icon Diana Ross was pregnant at age 71. The source of the absurd rumors were photos that surfaced on social media showing Miss Ross with abdominal distention.No Miss Ross is not pregnant. One reason for her excess belly fat may be postmenopausal hormone levels.As women age our Estrogen levels decrease. Decreasing Estrogen levels causes metabolism to slow down and redistribute fat from the thighs and hips to the belly. Increased belly fat can lead to serious medical conditions such as Type 2 diabetes stroke high blood pressure heart disease colon cancer cirrhosis of the liver caused by alcoholism and death.There are other medical reasons for abdominal swelling such as kidney failure ovarian or uterine cancers ascites and gastrointestinal disorders. But for the purpose of this post well focus on postmenopausal belly fat.Fighting the battle of the belly bulge after age 40 can be a frustrating battle. Belly fat tends to resist our best efforts to get rid of it. Some women spend thousands of dollars on liposuction and other fat reduction surgeries. While other women like Miss Ross simply allow nature to take its course.EXERCISEPamela Peeke MD MPH FACP author of Body for Life for Women suggests an exercise regimen that includes aerobic activities which improves your cardi

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Xxx sexso chat The Club moved to the KCOM Stadium in December 2002 after leaving their former Boothferry Park home where they had been resident for 56 years. The KCOM Stadium is home to both Hull Football and Rugby League Clubs. Inside the stadium looks very impressive however from the exterior it looks a bit plain. It doesnt help that the most interesting part of the exterior visually around the main entrance is mostly obscured by trees. However the stadium is set in a parkland and can be seen for some distance around and has won a number of awards for its design.The KCOM Stadium is totally enclosed with the Cranswick plc West Stand being around twice the size of the other three sides. The roof rises up and curves around the West Stand giving the stadium an interesting look. Inside the curves continue as each of the stands slightly bends around the playing area drawing the eye to sweep panoramically around them. Apart from the West Stand each of the other three stands is single tiered. The West Stand also benefits from having a row of executive boxes running across its middle. There is a large

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